Factors affecting tyres and performance

People who love their cars remain concerned not only about how their car looks but also about the performance.
When considering performance, it is not the engine that does the entire work. But tyres play a very significant role in improving and delivering the right performance. Therefore, tyres and performance are interlinked.
Tyres Kidderminster, on one hand, are the only part that touches the ground. Apart from this, tyres are also in charge of maintaining traction and grip. People often don’t realize that aspects like grip, handling, and control combined deliver good performance. However, they should be aware that a car's performance is dependent on its stability and control. There are many factors in a car that directly or indirectly affect the performance of your car.
Most factors that help in improving the performance of the car are also mostly responsible for increasing the life of your tyres. If you ever bought tyres, you must know how the right fit of tyres is important in delivering great performance.

Factors affecting the performance

Tyre size:
You must know, the size of your tyres directly affects the performance of your car. Improperly sized tyres can lead to an uncomfortable and rough driving experience. Bigger tyres will provide more traction as compared to smaller-sized tyres. Although bigger tyres look more aesthetically good there are disadvantages as well. They reduce the performance of the car and make turning and cornering difficult.
Tyre pressure is another factor responsible for better performance. Over or under-inflated tyres can result in faster wear and tear. Worn-out tyres easily lose grip which can cost your performance and your safety. It is risky to drive with under-inflated tyres on rough and patchy roads.

Tyre type

Type of tyres makes a lot of difference in driving. There are various tyres for different conditions and requirements. For example- summer tyres for dry and wet road conditions, winter tyres for icy roads, all-season tyres for all-year-round use, and performance tyres for a sports car. The hardness and softness of the tyres, rubber compounds affect your driving experience. The rubber of summer tyres gets harder in winters due to cold and cam even gets damaged and driving with a damaged pair of tyres can be dangerous.


Tyre tread is important as they maintain the grip and traction by friction between the road to move the car forwards. When tyres start to wear out, they lose their grip due to which tyres start slipping on the road. Tyres lose their ability to perform and handle the car properly. Tyres can wear out due to many reasons including improper balance and alignment. Lost control over steering risking your safety. If the tread depth is less than 1.6mm, you must replace your tyres.
The performance and life of cars and tyres are highly affected by these factors. After all, your driving experience completely relies on your tyres. Taking proper care of your tyres is as important as your vehicle. Time to time service can help improve both the performance and life of your tyres as well as your car. Tyres can provide safety, and frequent service and repair of your tyres will improve your safety.
When we consider the performance of tyres, the quality of tyres is taken into account. When opposed to low-quality tyres, high-quality tyres provide better performance. You should always consider buying tyres from a very reputable manufacturer as they will provide you with the finest quality product. The cost of the tyre might differ, but the tyre will pay off with time. Good quality tyres provide an extremely safe and comfortable drive.
That is why it is suggested to always do your complete research to ensure which tyres can fulfill your requirements. You must know the right tyre that fits in your car and improve the performance. As tyres are extremely responsible for delivering good or bad performance, you must focus on buying the right tyre.